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WELCOME. "History of k4vzz"
(last update 04/16/2018)

My Amateur Radio Operations  1970-2016


WD4ATV/R is a Fast scan amateur TV repeater on Buffalo Mountain near Johnson City, Tennessee. The camera guy represents experience in TV broadcast Engineering. The Buffalo is the ID slide of Amateur TV repeater. Building is Dobyns Bennett High School where I was employed as audio visual technician. With the advent of computers, I was transferred to the new technology department helping the central office group support all Kingsport City Schools with the new technology. All this took 33 years. I retired in 2000.
   The two individual hams, Jim Clark and Forrest Pilgrim (silent keys) were two of the selected local amateur's sharing activites on field day as part of the Fly Weights  DX group. The 1978 image represents one of many field day operations of the Fly Weights DX which achieved top or near top in field day operations. The Indian Head monochrome test pattern ,a familiar symbol of earler broadcast TV. 

Click HERE: Fly Weights Field Day 1978 Video

Hiostory of My Ham Operations (1958-1970 )


One of the earliest pictures is the 1963 shot of the basement shack at the Memorial  Blvd. Kingsport, Tennessee home. A home brew rack with the first efforts of a RTTY transmitter. The final tube was probably a 4-400.

1966 Photo  showing the "up stairs" shack   3/6/2016


This 1966 photograph of the ham station in an upper room. The rack houses the finished rig. Output was near 900 watts. 80 meter RTTY. HQ145 at left of model 15 RTTY machine along with home brew RTTY terminal unit completed the station. Very early use of AutoStart RTTY on 2 meter band was setup between kingsport and Gate City with W4UIR Earl Wing (silent key)  Our activity proceded the use of 2 meter ham band of voice repeters. We used 147.000 mhz. Low power FM. 

Sullivan High School Class 1958 LinkN4TN Silent Key
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