(If you are expecting aluminum clouds, tall towers and professional erection equipment, you are going to be disappointed.)

This page commemorates the happy (for me) weekend of March 30 - April 1, 2007 when a group of very kind friends went to a great deal of trouble to improve my antenna situation. This was a Little Pistol project with some terrific friends jumping in to help me out. I won't belabor it, but I have both medical and financial problems and these guys went beyond to call of duty to help me out, knowing that I will never be able to fully return the favor.

Basically the project consisted of replacing a TA33 (which had several problems) with a TA53M (which gave me a 5-band beam for the first time), and improving the antenna systems in general (new DXE remote antenna switch, new Yaesu G-800SA rotor, new coax for all antennas, and improved grounding techniques).

John W4SK and Bert W4KW drove over 300 miles on Friday, arriving here early enough to take down my old TA33, rotor, 2 meter antennas and various other impediments to the plan.

On Saturday morning most of us got together for breakfast and were ready to go to work before daylight. The crew consisted of Carl AA4H, Bob W4BCU, Bill W4CZ, David K4DR, Jim N4IR, Bert W4KW, Dick N4ARO, John W4SK, Chick K4UTN and Garland W4WFX (ohhh, I hope that I have not left anyone out!) We completed final assembly of the TA53M beam, added a new 10 foot section of 25G to my wimpy little tower (now a "whopping" 50 ft), erected the TA-53, and worked until well after darkness - finally being shut down by pouring rain.

Even though they really need to head back to their homes, John and Bert returned on Sunday morning to hook up the remote antenna switch, antenna rotor cable, and complete various odds and ends.

There is no way that I can effectively say "Thank You" to these guys. You are super friends and I am grateful to each and every one of you!

- Don N4TN

* * * THANKS TO N4ARO W4CZ and K4DR for the photos ! Good work guys! * * *

The main organizer, coordinator, procurer, solderer and slave driver, John "Judge Bubba" W4SK

N4TN: "Now Jedge Bubba, I don't wanna seem bossy, but what you need to do is ....."

Bert W4KW - Chief of Assembly, tower climbing, technology and "Let's cut out the crap and get serious about this!"

N4TN: "Whut thuh ....."
        W4SK: "Shut up, I've constructed hundreds of matching sections."
                W4KW: "Yeah, right! I've heard that bull before!"

To the amazement (and embarassment) of all concerned, N4IR breaks into an interpretive dance.

"I see it, but I don't believe it." Chick K4UTN, Bob W4BCU, and Sparky SP4RKY