Fancy Gap Fiesta
(The Mafia had their Appalachin, we Little Pistols had our own fling.)

NOTE: The pictures and comments on this page are intended for those who participated and for a few friends who wanted to attend but were unable to do so. Others are more than welcome to look and read - we wish you could have been there - but your commentary is not solicited. Thank you.

On Friday, May 18, 2007, an extremely dangerous looking contingent of mostly grey-headed, largely debilitated, semi-confused old farts descended on the Lake View Restaurant in Fancy Gap, VA just before the lunch hour. Two of us, W4WFX and N4TN, arrived from the west (Tennessee) in a pickup truck (what else?). Three others, K4MK, K4CIA and W4HG, came in from the south in the most suspicious looking vehicle that I have ever seen. The final member of the crowd, W4TJE (the youngest and thereby the most likely to have something better to do) arrived late and the proceedings began. Thank goodness for the local repeater - all three vehicles managed to end up at the same place at more or less the same time.

As with any ham radio related gathering, the first item on the agenda was to eat - a lot! Here are some photos of the gang at the trough. The photographer complained that snapping a picture of us was like taking a picture of the President - very hard to catch us without our mouths wide open and full of food. (That was just a joke - no political commentary intended.) Our compliments to this rustic little restaurant - a very nice menu, excellent food and fast, friendly service!

First of all, a group picture which our waitress was nice enough to make for us:

L to R: Jack W4TJE, Kent K4MK, Garland W4WFX, Don N4TN, Bill K4CIA and Wayne W4HG

Now here are some close-up of the suspects for better identification:

Jack W4TJE from Fancy Gap, VA.

Kent (aka "Abe") from Welcome, NC

Garland W4WFX from Kingsport, TN

Don (aka "Wayne #1") from Kingsport, TN

Bill (aka "Da Man") K4CIA from Raleigh, NC

Unfortunately W4HG was the man making the mug shots above and we failed to get a photo of him in action, so please refer back to the group photo for Wayne W4HG from Salisbury, NC.

After finishing our lunch, we spent a relaxed hour in telling lies and committing character assasination on those who should have been there but were not. Following that, Jack W4TJE was nice enough to invite us (actually, we made sure that there was no way he could gracefully decline) to visit his mountaintop home and ham shack. Please go to the next page for those pictures.