A Partial History of Ham Radio in the Kingsport, TN Area

This is a feeble attempt to save some record of Ham Radio in the Kingsport, TN area prior to 1980. It consists primarily of photographs of some of the old hams (and their activities) and also a collection of the QSL cards of many of them. I waited 20 years (or more) too long to get interested in this project. I don't know of any local ham, still with us, who was licensed prior to 1948. I wish that I had collected more pictures and more lore from the real old timers while they were still with us.

The term "Kingsport, TN area"is used loosely. Kingsport is my home town and is the area I am most familiar with and interested in as far as hamming history. However I am definitely interested in including the hams from northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia who interacted with the hams of Kingsport. Also, the "prior to 1980" limitation is very arbitrary and certainly subject to change. I began this project in 2005 and at that time "prior to 1980" represented history from over 25 years ago, which seemed like a fair starting point.

I welcome contributions of photos, QSLs, information, corrections and suggestions.

Kingsport's First Ham ???   ALREADY! 11/24/08 - with some great info from K4CIA!

Old Kingsport Area QSL Cards

Old Area QSLs from the Estate of Joe Selby W4GHL

Old Photographs of Kingsport Hams

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