Photographs of Ham Radio Operators
Who Were Active in the Kingsport, TN Area Prior to 1980


This is a collection of pictures of Kingsport amateur activities from years gone by. I only wish that it was more complete and that it went back further into the past.

The bulk of the pictures are activities of the Kingsport Amateur Radio Club (KARC) and later joint activities with the Bays Mountain Radio Club (BMRC - a function of the Recreation Department of Tennessee Eastman Company/Eastman Chemical Company). Don Baker KA4R got access to the a photo collection at BMRC and these pictures were copied by Jim Padgett K4VVN who graciously provided them to me. Other pictures have been provided by Eddie (Jon) Palmer K4LSP. I hope to get many more pictures for this web site and I will certainly give credit when I do receive them. Also, my gratitude to Larry W4FCU, Fritz AB4H, Bob KI4V, Tom AI4QU, and Bill W4CZ for help with identification and error correction.

Forrest Pilgrim W4JD and Winston Jackson W4DB with an old sparkgap transmitter. Date of photo unknown.

First Field Day group from Kingsport, with lawnmower-motor generators
  Front, L to R: unknown, Lee Davy W4FCU, unknown, Forrest Pilgrim W4JD
  Back, L to R: Winston Jackson W4DB, Dr. Fred R. Conklin W4FOZ, Una Shaulis XYL, Ed Shaulis W4EUM, Dave McKinney W4FFF

Ham License Plates first became available for Tennessee in 1951
Article from Kingsport Times-News shows Jim Litton W4LNF admiring his.

Bob Delius W4PHQ shows daughter Scotty what goes in in the hamshack.

Code class - around 1951 or 52
Winston Jackson, W4DB at far right, teaching.
Students, L to R, and their future calls:Cliff Garritson WN4TYT, Lee Hodges WN4TYW, Frank Wing WN4TUO and John "Moonbeam" Hawkins WN4TYV.

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
  Front Row, L to R:Jim Welch W4CBU, Ralph Gouge, unknown, unknown, John Jensen W4VOS, John Hawkins W4TYV, Ukie Urquiza W4SWW, unknown, Forrest Pilgrim W4JD, Cliff Garritson W4TYT
  Back Row, L to R:unknown, unknown, Roy Hill W4PID, unknown, Stan Angle W4KJY, Bob Delius W4PHQ, Jerry Litton, Lee Hodges W4TYW, unknown, unknown, Ralph Daugherty W4MCZ, Bob Lane W4PAH, unknown.
  On ladder:Jim Litton W4LNF

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
     foreground Stan Angle W4KJY, unknown operating, background Jim Welch W4CBU

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
     left: John Jensen W4VOS, right: Forrest Pilgrim W4JD, others unknown

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
      Joe Selby W4GHL operating, unknown, Forrest Pilgrim W4JD logging, Ralph Gouge

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
L to R:     Jim Litton W4LNF, unknown, unknown (maybe a young Walter Salyer, later WA4AHA), Jim Welch W4CBU operating

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
Jim Welch W4CBU catches a few winks after a hard night on the air.

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
Seated: Jerry Litton, W4LNF, W4CBU. Standing: W4SWW, W4KJY, W4PHQ, Ralph Gouge, W4TYV,unknown

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
Unknown(left) and Ukie W4SWW watch as Jim W4LNF get physical with a stubborn mike connector.

1951 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
Observing the Grandmaster at the paddle: W4JD operating; W4UWB, W4SWW, W4LNF, unknown, and W4TYV watching.

1952 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
  Front Row
L to R:
unknown, unknown, Roy Dinsmore W4UWB, Roy Hill W4PID, John Jensen W4VOS, unknown, Ukie Urquiza W4SWW, Joe Fisher W4CFV, John Hawkins W4TYV, Larry Guenther W4UJT, Gene Stewart W4JZG, Jim Litton W4LNF,Fritz Pilgrim, unknown (possibly Jerry Litton)
  Back Row
L to R:
Stan Angle W4KJY, unknown, Frank Wing W4TUO, Forrest Pilgrim W4JD, Bob Lane W4PAH, Ed Guenther, Russ Ingraham W4UIO, Cliff Garritson W4TYT, Lee Hodges W4TYW, Jim Welch W4CBU, Clarence Bradshaw, Ralph Daugherty W4MCZ

1951 or 52 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
L to R:     Bob Lane W4PAH (standing), Joe Selby W4GHL operating, Lee Hodges W4TYW logging

1952 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
Youth to the rescue! Larry Guenther W4UJT, operating, and Fritz Pilgrim, logging, get their feet wet in their first FD.

1952 Field Day near Tri-Cities Airport
Stan Angle W4KJY and Forrest Pilgrim W4JD

KARC Hamfest 1952 or 53?

KARC Exhibit at Kingsport Hobby Show approx. 1952?
Behind the table: Ukie Urquiza W4SWW and Forrest Pilgrim W4JD

DX QSLs at the Hobby show
One look and I was hooked! A DXer was born.

1953 Field Day at Mead Cabin
  Front Row
L to R:
unknown, unknown, Ukie Urquiza W4SWW
  2nd Row
L to R:
Jim Litton W4LNF, Jerry Litton, Cliff Garritson W4TYT, Gene Stewart W4JZG, Roy Hill W4PID, Frank Wing W4TUO
  3rd Row
L to R:
Lee Hodges W4TYW, Ralph Gouge, John Hawkins W4TYV, Russ Ingraham W4UIO, Roy Dinsmore W4UWB
  Back Row
L to R:
Jim Welch W4CBU, Joe Fisher W4CFV, unknown, Bill Scott W4UVP, Bob Lane W4PAH, unknown,

Field Day about 1955 at Mead Cabin
L to R: Unknown, Mervin Stump W4HLP, Bill Burnett W4BEV,John Hawkins W4TYV, Wayne Jones W4DMS, Paul Wohlford K4DCT

Late 1950s - Eddie Palmer K4LSP at the W4TRC club station. W4TRC was located in the basement of the Civic Auditorium.

1960s - Forrest Pilgrim W4JD, John Sanders WB4ANX, George Devault WA4IVG and Eddie Palmer K4LSP
prepare for a ride on the Santa Claus Special through southwest Virginia and southeast Kentucky.

1960s - The Santa Claus Special crew operated as W4TRC/M (KARC Club callsign) on both HF and VHF.

1960s - Joe Selby W4GHL, a ham since the mid-1930s at his home station. Although shown at a microphone,
Joe was very well known on the CW bands for his beautiful "fist" (i.e., his abilility to send morse code).


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