SHS Class of 1958
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209 Gale Ave.
Kingsport, TN 37660
Kingsport, Tennessee
This year's seniors are smart
Let this idea be sold,
They all have been keeping a secret,
Which at time shall be told.
We hear that
Randall Fields
Brain though he is;
Loves Saturday night sprees
And getting in a fizz.
Frances Shipley and Joyce Bailey
Like two peas in a pod;
Have crushes on
George Frazier
Or could it be his hot rod?
Oilene Lawson has half ownership
In the Beacon Drive-In
Is that why
McNew and Hutchins
Ask her for money to spend?
Norman Mowell has been taking
Ballet lessons at night
Helen Hunt, shy and meek
Is learning how to referee a rooster fight.
One day in English class
George Bolling let it be known
His favorite kind of a girl
Resembles a strawberry roan.
Morris Drinnon has been dying
For a date with
Loretta Martin;
But first he has to cope with
Whom Loretta has fallen to courting.
There is one certain male group
Consisting of
Earl, Kenneth and Bo;
Which really has awakened Sullivan
With their new version of rock and roll.
Thomas Hill has been called a lover
But really it isn't true,
Because like
Gary Childress and Elmer
He just loves them, then leaves 'em blue.
Gary Smith's ambition is to publish
Comic books for the present day;
And to explain electrical theories
In a very comical sort of way.
Kenneth has always longed for black hair
Nadine would like to be blond
Why don't they adopt the "new idea"
Of dying their hair to become one?
Hollywood has come to Sullivan
In the form of
Gene Lane
He is not trying for a Clark Gable part
He is only trying to kill a pain.
Allen, Grady and Don Williams are a three
Which do not want their secret revealed
But just to inform you
Three girls have their futures all sealed..
That great baseball star,
Does not care for the profession
He desires to become a dress designer
And help fit women's curves.
Those two geniuses,
Lacey and Ledbetter,
Have been practicing for four years
To become two famous trapeze artists
And hang from a limb by their ears.
Roger Soloman, Joye Dillow and Lois
With musical talents galore
Have had an interest these four years
In shooting pool and how to score.
Joreita Pendleton, quite though she is,
And hardly ever says a word
Plans to become a college cheerleader
Where she is bound to be heard.
Jerry Richardson really hates basketball
He calls it elementary
He wants to do something dramatic
Like installing rollette wheels in a penitentiary.
Barbara, Carol and Betty, our senior cheerleaders
Do not intend to cheer all their years
They are going to be comedians
Then they in turn will receive cheers.
Ovalee Archer plans to sing opera
Peggy is going to be a teacher
Jerree and Joann Justice, two great pals
Will wind with themselves, a man, and a preacher.
Howard Bragg and Richard Chase, two dumb ones,
Have college professors on their minds
Miss Clemmons is looking forward
To frying eggs on every star that shines.
Everyone thinks that
Wayland Childress
Never studies, wonders or cares,
But he told me he wanted to be first
To explore the moon and the spheres.
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