SHS Class of 1958
Kingsport, Tennessee
Emily Casteel may not be strong
But that is no reason
Why she can't dream of playing
Pro football every season.
Ina Kate has a very deep secret
That she would like told
She intends to enter the stock car races
And the title she intends to hold.
Clara, Nancy and Charlotte are wondering
If you would like to know
That they are planning a triple wedding
They are after the same beau.
Sandra and Mary Ann intend to become
The world's second Bud Abbot and Lou.
Una wonders how life would be
Without her old pal,
Carolyn Sue.
Delta has always envied
Anybody with short hair
Norma Cooper would like to become
An honoree at a household shower.
Vivian and Judy, those two lucky wives
Would like to trade husbands for a while
Mrs. Fields doesn't like redheads
Charles has a very winning smile.
Lois Crawford has no secret to tell
But I think we'll dig one up
She has a very precious keepsake
Bob Hite drank from her cup.
Janet has one secret, and that you can guess,
It amounts to big handsome
Betty Cunningham has her David
These love-nests, let none of you rob.
Norma, Lynda and Geraldine, a happy threesome,
Seem to be having lots of fun
Teasing boys from other schools
But Sullivan boys they shun.
Ted and Mary K. have an interesting aim
Becoming giants in a carnival act
Robert Gregory intends to get married
Clara will ever be exact.
The matrimonial knot will never be tied
Gene Harkleroad and Jimmy Hicks
Because they told me only yesterday
They never intend to get hitched.

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Patsy and Arlene have been seen flashing
Diamonds as big as a saucer
Eula and Bertha have finally learned
The difference between "chaser" and "Chaucer"/
Jewell Hall has her cap set
For a guy by the name of
Although he doesn't know it
Jewell would beat entering Yale.
Janice Hoppers and Ronnie Hite
Who have just drifted this year
Are going to become great painters
And paint our futures quite clear.
Beware of
Reba Sue and Beulah Hubbard
Because they are on the prowl
Their ambition in life
Is to capture
George Ireson, but how?
A secret was told to me last week
About the geniuses,
Juanita and Larue,
They intend to become second Einstein's
And the world is flat to you.
Joyce Johnson, loveable and sweet,
Is going to spring a surprise on
She is looking forward to having ten kids
The spitting image of him.
Willadean Light for four years
Has carried a secret both sweet and sad
She loves both
Dean Morelocks
One, a "cat" and the other a "cad".
Larry Morelock and Don Lisenby, two Romeos,
Have free passes to lovers leap
They are ready to jump anytime.
Mereda's affection becomes too deep,
Helen Lee, a real torch carrier,
Is head over heels with
If he would only stay off roller coasters
And let the spirits of alcohol go.

Copyright 2013 Gary Smith & SHS Class of 1958
Gale Ave.
Kingsport, TN 37660