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April 17, 2015
The Pirates Log was a student produced news letter. The 1955, 1956, 1957 Sullivania year book did not have any evidence of the publication. The 1958 Sullivania year book has a photograph printed in it. The Pirates Log was Edited by Arlene Harrison and Kate Carter. Nine students formed the paper staff.
(See 1958 year book)
This web page will have features of graduates news and pictures which are submitted for publication of individual present or past activities and events.

All graduates and/or family of 1958 graduating class are encouraged to participate sending description and photpgraphs attached to e-mail to "pirateslog at shs1958 dot org".(fix to proper email form)

Goodbye as we head back to Kingsport.
Gary, Norma, Beaulah, Larry, Lindsay and Sharon
Georga Hillbillies still don't wear shoes!
Norma and Beaulah
Norma and Gary visit Beaulah and Larry at the 68th Southland's Dixie Promeade
April 17, 2015 at Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Witchcraft didn't maker her look this way, she's just mean!
The real Beaulah
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Tom Spears
Beaulah, Sharon, Norma
Marshall Dawkins
Tom Spears and Teresa Thigpen
Sharon, Beaulah, Norma
Street view near Glenstone Lodge
Teresa, Sharon, Tom, Beaulah, Marshall